Granting data subjects access to data concerning themselves

Once a year, data subjects have the right to access data concerning themselves which are collected by Statistics Estonia (see subsection 28 (6) of the Official Statistics Act, RT (State Gazette) I 2010, 41, 241; section 19 of the Personal Data Protection Act, RT 2007, 24, 127).

For the purpose of accessing data, legal or natural persons shall submit to Statistics Estonia a written application which shall set out the following data:

  • Given name, surname and personal identification code of the person submitting application;
  • Composition and quantity of the requested data;
  • Means of data transfer (paper, CD/DVD-ROM, e-mail);
  • Format of digital data;
  • Given name, surname and personal identification code of the authorized person (if the person submitting application and the recipient of data are different persons).

Application can be submitted

  • By e-mail, signed digitally, to the electronic mail address stat at stat dot ee;
  • By letter to the address 51 Tatari Str, 10134 Tallinn.

Time limit

The application shall be satisfied within 5 working days. If it is impossible to satisfy the application due to lack of data, Statistics Estonia will contact the person having submitted the application in order to specify the relevant data. The time limits of procedure shall be calculated starting from the working day following the application registration date.

Satisfying the application

The data subject shall receive the copy of the data concerning themselves

  • In Statistics Estonia on site (51 Tatari Str, Tallinn);
  • By e-mail encrypted by the public certificate of the contact person’s identity card.

Data are handed over in person to the data subject upon producing an identity document with the person’s photograph.


In general, access to data is free of charge. Data media shall be paid for pursuant to law and/or the Statistics Estonia price list (Personal Data Protection Act, subsection 19(2), RT 2007, 24, 127).

Complaints and suggestions procedure

Written complaints and suggestions relating to access to data are registered. The Senior Consultant will settle less complicated complaints immediately if possible. The Head of the Information and Marketing Service is responsible for the settlement of complaints. The complaints submitted by letter, fax and e-mail will be answered by Statistics Estonia in written form. Complaints are satisfied within 10 working days since the date of registration. If additional information is needed to review the complaints, the time of reviewing may be lengthened to 30 days. Suggestions for the improvement of the service and complaints can be submitted in Statistics Estonia (51 Tatari Str, Tallinn) or by telephone +372 625 9300.