Balance of the current account

% of GDP

The balance of payments is composed of the current account and the capital and financial account. The current account is itself subdivided into goods, services, income and current transfers; it registers the value of exports (credits) and imports (debits). The difference between these two values is the "balance" of each Member State's current transactions with all the other countries, and of the EU transactions with the extra EU countries. The difference between these two values is the "balance".

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EU (28 countries)-0.7-0.5- (p)
EU (27 countries)-0.7-0.5- (p)
Euro area (19 countries)..........
Belgium-0.61.9-1.1-1.9-1.6 (p)
Bulgaria-8.9-1.50.1-0.81.9 (p)
Czech Republic-2.4-3.9-2.7-1.3-1.4 (p)
Denmark3. (p)
Germany5. (p)
Estonia2.72.81.8-1.8-1.0 (p)
Ireland- (p)
Greece-11.2-10.1-9.9-2.40.7 (p)
Spain-4.8-4.5-3.7-1.20.8 (p)
France-1.3-1.3-1.8-2.2-1.3 (p)
Croatia-4.9-0.8- (p)
Italy-1.9-3.4-3.0-0.31.0 (p)
Cyprus-10.7-9.8-3.4-6.9-1.9 (p)
Latvia8.62.9-2.1-2.5-0.8 (p)
Lithuania3.70.1-3.7-0.21.5 (p)
Luxembourg7. (p)
Hungary- (p)
Malta-8.9-6.0- (p)
Netherlands5. (p)
Austria2. (p)
Poland-3.9-5.1-5.0-3.7-1.3 (p)
Portugal-10.9-10.6-7.0-2.00.5 (p)
Romania-4.2-4.4-4.5-4.4-1.1 (p)
Slovenia-0.5- (p)
Slovakia-2.6-3.7- (p)
Finland1.81.5-1.5-1.4-1.1 (p)
Sweden6. (p)
United Kingdom-1.2-3.0-1.3-3.8-4.4 (p)
Iceland-11.8-8.1-6.3-5.23.9 (p)
Norway13.112.213.514.310.6 (p)
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the-6.8-2.0-2.5-3.0..
Turkey-2.0-6.2-9.7-6.0-7.9 (p)
United States-2.6-3.2-3.0....

(..) - not available
(p) - provisional

Source: Eurostat