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Updated: 7 April 2011 PDF file DOC file

Consumer price index increased in March

According to Statistics Estonia, the consumer price index increased 5.2% in March 2011 compared to March of the previous year and 0.8% compared to February this year.

Goods were 7.0% and services 2.1% more expensive compared to March of the previous year.

Regulated prices of goods and services have risen by 6.3% and non-regulated prices by 4.8% compared to March of the previous year.

Compared to March of the previous year, the index was mainly influenced by the 11% price increase of food, which gave nearly a half of the total rise of the index and, of which, in turn, about a half gave 18% more expensive dairy products and 12% more expensive cereals. The 14.2% price increase of motor fuel also had a bigger impact on the index. Compared to the same period a year ago, the prices of potatoes, coffee and apples have increased the most (84%, 48% and 40%, respectively). More than a 30% rise was detected in case of the prices of fuel oil (32%), groats (31.6%) and milk (31%).

In March compared to February, the consumer price index was mainly influenced by the transport and food and non-alcoholic beverages, which both gave nearly a third of the total change. The price of motor fuel increased 3.1% and flight tickets were 26% more expensive than a month ago. About a half of the impact of the food and non-alcoholic beverages on the index gave 10.3% more expensive coffee and 9.9% more expensive eggs. The 7.4% price increase of tobacco products also had a bigger impact on the index, which gave over a fifth of the total change. The reason was that cigarettes with new prices taking into account the increase of excise duties in the beginning of the year arrived at the shops. Compared to February, carrots were 26% more expensive, but grapes were 21% and tomatoes 19% cheaper.

Change of the consumer price index by commodity groups, March 2011
Commodity group March 2010 –
March 2011, %
February 2011 –
March 2011, %
TOTAL 5.2 0.8
Food and non-alcoholic beverages 11.6 0.9
Alcoholic beverages and tobacco 8.0 2.5
Clothing and footwear 2.2 1.5
Housing 3.8 0.1
Household goods -0.7 0.0
Health -0.1 0.0
Transport 5.7 1.8
Communications -1.8 0.0
Recreation and culture 1.6 -0.1
Education 2.4 -0.4
Hotels, cafés and restaurants 3.0 0.8
Miscellaneous goods and services 2.9 -0.1

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