Early school leavers by gender

Percentage of the population aged 18-24 with at most lower secondary education and not in further education or training

From 20 November 2009, this indicator is based on annual averages of quarterly data instead of one unique reference quarter in spring. See footnotes for further details.

Early school leavers refers to persons aged 18 to 24 in the following two conditions: the highest level of education or training attained is ISCED 0, 1, 2 or 3c short and respondents declared not having received any education or training in the four weeks preceding the survey (numerator). The denominator consists of the total population of the same age group, excluding no answers to the questions "highest level of education or training attained" and "participation to education and training". Both the numerators and the denominators come from the EU Labour Force Survey.

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EU (28 countries)12.711.911.2 (b)11.010
EU (27 countries)12.812.011.3 (b)11.010
Euro area (19 countries)13.812.811.9 (b)11.6..
Euro area (18 countries)13.812.911.9 (b)11.7..
Euro area (17 countries)13.912.911.9 (b)11.7..
Belgium12.011.09.8 (b)10.19.5
Bulgaria12.512.512.9 (b)13.411
Czech Republic5.55.4 (b)5.5 (b)6.25.5
Denmark9.18.07.8 (b)7.810 (d)
Germany10.59.89.5 (b)10.110 (d)
Estonia10.39.711.4 (b)11.29.5
Ireland9.78.46.9 (b)6.98
Greece11.310.19.0 (b)7.99.7
Spain24.723.621.9 (b)20.015 (d)
France11.89.7 (b)9.0 (b)9.39.5
Croatia5.14.52.7 (bu)2.8 (u)4
Italy17.316.815.0 (b)14.716
Cyprus11.49.16.8 (b)5.310
Latvia10.69.88.5 (b)9.913.4
Lithuania6.56.35.9 (b)5.59 (d)
Luxembourg8.16.16.1 (b)9.3 (b)10 (d)
Hungary11.811.911.4 (b)11.6 (b)10
Malta21.120.520.3 (b)19.810
Netherlands8.99.3 (b)8.7 (b)8.28
Austria7.87.57.0 (b)7.39.5
Poland5.75.6 (b)5.4 (b)5.34.5
Portugal20.518.917.4 (b)13.710
Romania17.817.318.1 (b)19.111.3
Slovenia4.43.94.4 (b)5.05
Slovakia5.36.46.7 (b)6.96 (d)
Finland8.99.39.5 (b)9.28
Sweden7.57.16.7 (b)7.010 (d)
United Kingdom13.412.311.8 (b)10.8.. (d)
Iceland20.120.519.1 (b)18.8..
Norway14.813.711.7 (b)10.2..
Switzerland5.55.45.4 (b)5.1..
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the11.711.412.5 (b)11.4..
Turkey39.637.538.3 (b)36.4..
EU (28 countries)14.513.612.8 (b)12.4..
EU (27 countries)14.513.612.9 (b)12.4..
Euro area (19 countries)15.914.713.6 (b)13.2..
Euro area (18 countries)16.014.713.7 (b)13.3..
Euro area (17 countries)16.014.813.7 (b)13.3..
Belgium14.413.211.8 (b)11.6..
Bulgaria12.112.312.8 (b)13.3..
Czech Republic6.15.4 (b)5.8 (b)6.4..
Denmark10.89.99.5 (b)9.7..
Germany11.110.210.0 (b)10.4..
Estonia13.313.615.3 (b)13.2..
Ireland11.29.88.0 (b)8.4..
Greece13.712.711.5 (b)9.4..
Spain28.927.225.6 (b)24.0..
France13.710.7 (b)10.2 (b)10.1..
Croatia5.75.5 (u)3.1 (bu)3.6 (u)..
Italy20.220.017.7 (b)17.5..
Cyprus16.514.811.2 (b)7.7..
Latvia14.713.611.7 (b)13.4..
Lithuania8.17.87.0 (b)6.9..
Luxembourg10.78.48.3 (b)10.5 (b)..
Hungary12.312.512.5 (b)12.0 (b)..
Malta25.223.222.2 (b)22.9..
Netherlands10.511.2 (b)10.6 (b)9.9..
Austria8.07.97.6 (b)7.8..
Poland7.87.9 (b)7.3 (b)7.2..
Portugal26.923.420.7 (b)16.4..
Romania18.518.719.5 (b)19.5..
Slovenia5.45.06.0 (b)6.4..
Slovakia6.06.76.9 (b)6.9..
Finland9.810.411.9 (b)10.6..
Sweden8.57.97.3 (b)7.6..
United Kingdom14.513.612.8 (b)11.7..
Iceland23.624.424.4 (b)24.9..
Norway17.615.712.9 (b)12.4..
Switzerland5.75.65.5 (b)5.3..
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the11.19.111.0 (b)10.0..
Turkey36.135.035.5 (b)35.0..
EU (28 countries)10.910.29.6 (b)9.5..
EU (27 countries)10.910.29.7 (b)9.6..
Euro area (19 countries)11.610.910.0 (b)9.9..
Euro area (18 countries)11.610.910.1 (b)10.0..
Euro area (17 countries)11.711.010.1 (b)10.0..
Belgium9.58.77.7 (b)8.6..
Bulgaria13.012.712.9 (b)13.4..
Czech Republic4.95.5 (b)5.2 (b)6.0..
Denmark7.46.26.1 (b)5.7..
Germany9.99.38.9 (b)9.8..
Estonia7.35.87.5 (b)9.0..
Ireland8.26.95.7 (b)5.4..
Greece8.97.56.6 (b)6.4..
Spain20.519.818.1 (b)15.8..
France10.08.6 (b)7.9 (b)8.5..
Croatia4.4 (u)3.4 (u)2.3 (bu)2.1 (u)..
Italy14.313.612.2 (b)11.8..
Cyprus7.04.22.9 (bu)3.2 (u)..
Latvia6.35.85.1 (b)6.2..
Lithuania4.6 (u)4.7 (u)4.6 (bu)4.0 (u)..
Luxembourg5.53.7 (u)3.7 (bu)8.1 (b)..
Hungary11.211.410.3 (b)11.2 (b)..
Malta16.817.718.3 (b)16.6..
Netherlands7.27.4 (b)6.8 (b)6.4..
Austria7.67.16.5 (b)6.8..
Poland3.53.2 (b)3.3 (b)3.2..
Portugal14.014.314.1 (b)11.0..
Romania16.915.916.7 (b)18.5..
Slovenia3.2 (u)2.6 (u)2.7 (bu)3.4 (u)..
Slovakia4.66.16.6 (b)6.8..
Finland8.18.37.2 (b)7.9..
Sweden6.36.26.0 (b)6.4..
United Kingdom12.211.110.7 (b)9.8..
Iceland16.516.413.6 (b)12.4..
Norway11.911.610.4 (b)8.0..
Switzerland5.35.25.4 (b)5.0..
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the12.313.914.0 (b)12.9..
Turkey43.039.941.0 (b)37.6..

(..) - not available
(b) - break in time series
(d) - definition differs (see metadata)
(u) - low reliability

Source: Eurostat