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The Statistical Database presents official statistics, including regional statistics. The data in both databases have been divided by fields as follows: environment, economy, population, social life. The data on Population and Housing Census and Agricultural Census are presented separately. Each subject area is divided further into sub-areas. Database is published in Estonian and English.

The public database allows

  • fast and easy access to statistics 24 hours a day every day;
  • to receive besides fresh data also data for previous periods;
  • to choose only the required data from tables;
  • to view the selected data on the computer screen and save them in one’s own computer in different formats (Excel, PC-AXIS, HTML, etc.).

The dates of the updating of the database are available in the release calendar. The public database is updated at 8 a.m. on the day announced in advance in the release calendar. The users of the public database are not required to register themselves.


The use of the public database is free of charge.

New database software

We are going to change the software of our database. The new software is more up-to-date, making tables and figures more readily available for use; and the tables can be read by several computer programs.

The same software is also used by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development). OECD database.