General government debt declined again

news release no 36

According to the preliminary data of Statistics Estonia, in 2016, the Estonian general government surplus was 0.3% and the gross debt level was 9.5% of the gross domestic product.

Surplus/deficit of the general government in Estonia by sub-sectors, 2008–2016

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The annual growth of the Dwelling Price Index slowed down

news release no 35

According to Statistics Estonia, the Dwelling Price Index increased by 4.7% in 2016 compared to the average of 2015. In the annual comparison, the prices of apartments increased by 4.5% and the prices of houses by 5.4%.

Dwelling Price Index, change over previous year, 2006–2016

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Last year international passenger traffic through ports increased, shipment of goods declined

news release no 33

According to Statistics Estonia, in 2016, the number of international traffic passengers served by Estonian ports increased by 4%, but the freight volume of ports in tonnes decreased by 4% compared to the previous year.

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The industrial producer price index did not change in February

news release no 32

According to Statistics Estonia, in February 2017, the producer price index of industrial output changed by 0.0% compared to January and by 3.9% compared to February 2016.

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The number of agricultural holdings continues to decrease

news release no 31

According to Statistics Estonia, the preliminary results of the Farm Structure Survey 2016 indicate that there were 16,700 agricultural holdings with at least one hectare of agricultural area or agricultural holdings mainly producing for sale in Estonia, which is approximately 2,500 holdings less than three years ago.

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