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Updated: 9 April 2014

Most requested statistics

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Population (including migration)1 January 20141 311 870-0.6
Average monthly gross wages and salaries2012887 euros5.7
4th quarter 2013986 euros6.07.6
October 2013962 euros2.16.1
November 2013968 euros0.69.1
December 20131 028 euros6.17.4
Unemployment rate, %20138.6
4th quarter 20138.7
Change of consumer price index, %20132.8
March 20140.30.2
Change of construction price index, %20135.2
4th quarter 20130.34.7
Change of volume index of industrial production, %20132.9
February 2014-2.10.1
GDP at current prices201318 434.7 million euros
4th quarter 20134 808.0 million euros
GDP chain-linked volume (reference year 2005)201312 831.1 million euros0.8
4th quarter 20133 312.0 million euros4.20.3
ExportsFebruary 2014918.5 million euros1.2-4.4
ImportsFebruary 20141 038.2 million euros3.1-3.7
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