Comparative survey of household and place of residence data to begin in May

news release no 47

Today, Statistics Estonia presented at a press conference a comparative survey of household and place of residence data. The survey, taking place from May until October, is conducted to test the quality of the methodology of the register-based population and housing census. 30,000 persons will be surveyed.

Statistics Estonia is planning to conduct the 2021 Population and Housing Census based on register data (Register-Based Population and Housing Census REGREL), which means that information will not be asked directly from people but compiled based on various registers.

“The biggest issue in holding a register-based census is the difference between registered and actual places of residence. Its impact is felt especially when trying to identify households and families based on the data of registers,” said Ene-Margit Tiit, Population Statistics Expert of Statistics Estonia. To solve this problem, Statistics Estonia has developed rules for identifying permanent residents, i.e. the residency index, which is used to assess whether a person lived in Estonia during the survey period or has left the country. In addition, partnership and placement indices are being developed, with the aim to determine persons belonging to one household and their place of residence. “In order to check the accuracy of the indices, Statistics Estonia is conducting a comparative survey of household and place of residence data. The survey results will help to evaluate the quality of the register-based census methodology,” explained Mrs Tiit.

Statistics Estonia will publish the survey results at the end of 2018. The results are used for checking the quality and improving the REGREL methodology, incl. the residency, partnership and placement indices. More information on the survey is available on the website of Statistics Estonia (in Estonian).

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