How do we keep your private information?

Statistics Estonia is a state authority and our activity is public. Each person can submit a request for information and ask for information about the activity of Statistics Estonia and official statistics being published.

Pursuant to the Public Information Act, the correspondence of a state authority must be available for the public in the document registry of the institution’s website. The contact data and private information of private persons are confidential and the legislation has restricted the access to that data. Privacy policy describes how we use your personal data and ensure their confidentiality.

Privacy policy does not include:

  • keeping and disclosing the data collected from private and legal persons for producing official statistics. These data are confidential and are publicised pursuant to the Official Statistics Act, which precludes use of these data for control, taxation and any other non-statistical purpose (i.e. the data are not to be made available to court or police);
  • keeping the data of legal persons;
  • processing of personal data on websites to which our website indicates (external links).

In addition to the data collected for producing official statistics, your personal data get into Statistics Estonia in the following cases:

  1. You send us the request or order for information, memo or request for explanation.
  2. A query about you is submitted to Statistics Estonia concerning employment at Statistics Estonia.
  3. You call our Contact Centre of respondents of information telephone.
  4. You visit our website or use our services.
  5. You wish to get acquainted with the data collected about you.
  6. You participate in events organised by us.
  7. You participate in our customer surveys.
  8. You apply for a job in Statistics Estonia.

What kind of information does Statistics Estonia receive and maintain about you?

  1. Contact data (name, address, e-mail address, phone number) and other information in documents.
  2. Phone call recordings (you are informed about recording at the beginning of the call).
  3. Electronic identification data (IP-address).
  4. Data collected in customer surveys and feedback interviews.
  5. Information about products and services ordered by you and visits to the website.
  6. Information published while applying to the job.

For which purpose does Statistics Estonia use the information obtained on you?

Your contact data are used only for contacting you, incl. informing you of the new products that might interest you. E-mails have always been supplied with the reference about the possibility of quitting the information. The quitters will not be sent information during three years.

The information about your orders and visits to the website and answers provided in customer surveys are used for the development of product and services. In customer surveys presenting the contact data is voluntary. The results of the surveys are published impersonally, without the name and address of the respondent.

How is the confidentiality of the information received about you guaranteed?

While maintaining and publishing information the confidentiality of personal data is guaranteed. As the data is not collected for producing official statistics, we provide the information, regardless of the access restriction, to an institution or person who has a legal right to get it (e.g. a body conducting pre-trial proceedings or court).

  1. In case of private persons we publicise in the document registry on the website only the initials of the sender / receiver and type of the document (request and order for information, letter). The heading of the letter or the content, as well as the contact data of the sender are not publicised, as the correspondence with private persons is with restricted access (for internal using). In case the response letter includes the information which enables the identification of the person (e.g. the data collected about you), excl. the contact data, we send the letter in encrypted format. The information including personal data on paper is not transmitted by post, but on the spot on the basis of the document certifying your personality. The correspondence with private persons is maintained in the document registry on the website for three years and in the document management system of the institution until the retention period imposed on the document (e.g. for requests and orders for information three years). After the deadline the paper documents are erased). Requests and orders for information in electronic form are maintained in client management system meant for internal use.
  2. The calls to the Contact Centre of respondents and information telephone are recorded. The notification about the recording of the call is announced at the beginning of the call. If you do not want your call to be recorded, you can hang up and choose some other way of receiving the information (send a letter or an e-mail, or visit the office of Statistics Estonia). We use the recordings only for checking the quality of the service or verifying the content of the calls if necessary. The persons responsible for the quality of the service have access to the recordings. The recordings are maintained for three years, and then they are erased. The summaries of the phone calls are impersonal and they are used only internally.
  3. The information saved in log files and collected in customer surveys about your web visits is restricted for internal use. User statistics of the website and results of customer surveys are published in a generalised form.
  4. If you apply for a job in Statistics Estonia, then
    • we take into account the information disclosed by yourself and public sources;
    • we presume that we can communicate with the persons you have recommended;
    • you have a right to know which data about you we have collected;
    • you have a right to get acquainted with the data collected by us and to present explanations-objections;
    • the data of other candidates are not disclosed to you;
    • the data of candidates who have not been selected are maintained during the contestation deadline (one year);
    • your data are restricted information to which the third persons can have access only in the cases provided by law.