Ränne. 2000-2007. Migration 

ISBN 978-9985-74-442-0

Bilingual: Estonian and English
Format A4. 140 pp
Published: 30.01.2009

The publication provides an overview of the in-migration and out-migration in Estonia in 2000¿2007. The migration statistics which have been left out from the population statistics since the year 2000 have been published. The data sources have been supplemented and revised. The trends of in-migration and out-migration have been analysed by regions, sex and age groups; the data quality of migration statistics has been estimated. Comparisons have been drawn with the previous years and other countries. The description of methodology and data sources facilitate the interpretation of the data. The information has been presented in diagrams, thematic maps and tables. Addressed to users more interested in the subject.

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