Rein Veetõusme (1947–2009)

Rein Veetõusme was the first Director General of the State Statistical Office of the Republic of Estonia after the restoration of independence. He was at the head of Statistics Estonia in 1991–2004 and contributed largely to the statistical system by reforming, developing and bringing it into accordance with international requirements.

  • Rein Veetõusme was born on 6 December 1947.
  • In 1966 he finished Tallinn Secondary School No.1 (current name: Gustav Adolf Gymnasium) and thereupon the Tallinn Polytechnical Institute (current name: Tallinn University of Technology).
  • In March 1991 Veetõusme was assigned to the post of Director General of the State Statistical Office of the Republic of Estonia.
  • During 1993–1994, he carried out extensive reforms, in the course of which a new structure was built up and a foundation was laid for producing statistics in compliance with the needs of the independent state and international requirements. Training and retraining of employees, introduction of new methods as well as technical innovation of the system became the top priority.
  • He developed international cooperation and exchange of experience with the Baltic Republics, Nordic countries, Europan Union Member States, Eurostat and other international statistical organisations.
  • Veetõusme was a member of the Governmental Commission for Population and Social Statistics established by the Government in 1993 (later called the council for personal data protection acting in the capacity of a government committee) and he also belonged to the Census committee.
  • In 2000, he was at the head of organising the first Population and Housing Census and in 2001 at the head of organising the first Agricultural Census in the re-independent Estonia.
  • He was the initiator of the Estonian Statistical Society establised in 1992.
  • He left Statistics Estonia in 2004.
  • In 2005, the 4th class Order of the White Star was bestowed on him.
  • Rein Veetõusme died on 19 March 2009.