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01.10.2014 Production of industrial output and energy, August 2014
Retail trade, August 2014
Statistical Publications
30.09.2014 Eesti Statistika Kvartalikiri. 3/14. Quarterly Bulletin of Statistics Estonia
Statistical Database
29.09.2014 Economy - Finance - Government finances - State budget: State budget revenue and expenditure, August 2014
Economy - Finance - Insurance: Life insurance and non-life insurance by type and insurance company, August 2014
30.09.2014 Economy - Agriculture - Agricultural production - Crop production: Production and average yields of field crops (prognosis of production), 2014
Economy - Tourism, accommodation and catering - Travelling of Estonian residents: All data for the period, 2nd quarter 2014
Economy - Transport - Rail transport: Passenger and freight traffic on railways, August 2014
Environment: Air emission accounts, 2012 (Detailed 09.09.2014)
01.10.2014 Economy - Energy - Energy consumption and production - Short-term statistics: Production of electricity and heat and index of production; production of electricity, import and export, August 2014 (Detailed 30.05.2014)
Economy - Industry - Production indices - Short term statistics: Volume index of industrial production, August 2014
Economy - Internal trade - Economic indicators of internal trade: Retail sales of goods and trade enterprises┬┐ net sales, August 2014
Economy - Internal trade - Retail sale volume indices: Retail sales volume index and retail trade enterprises net sales volume index, August 2014
Economy - Wages and salaries and labour costs - Wages and salaries - Short term statistics: Wages and salaries (supplement to the data as of 29.08.2014), 2nd quarter 2014
02.10.2014 Economy - Industry - Industrial products - Short term statistics: Production of industrial products, August 2014
Economy - Industry - Production indices - Short term statistics: Value index of industrial sales and value index of industrial export sales, value index of industrial domestic sales; value index of industrial new orders by economic activity, August 2014
03.10.2014 Environment - Environmental pressure - Air pollution: Air pollution by pollutant, 2012
Environment - Environmental pressure - Air pollution: Pollution of air from stationary sources, 2013 (Detailed 25.09.2014)
Population - Vital events - Deaths: Deaths by place of residence and county; perinatal deaths, 2013
Main Indicators (IMF:SDDS)
01.10.2014 Production index, August 2014