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News Releases
25.05.2015 Average wages and salaries, 1st quarter 2015
27.05.2015 Film production, 2014
28.05.2015 Construction, 1st quarter 2015
29.05.2015 Retail trade, April 2015
Statistical Publications
25.05.2015 Eesti. Arve ja fakte 2015
Statistical Database
25.05.2015 Economy - Wages and salaries and labour costs - Wages and salaries - Short term statistics: Average monthly and average hourly gross wages (salaries) by economic activity, county and kind of owner; average monthly labour costs per employee and average hourly labour costs by economic activity, 1st quarter 2015
Social life - Culture - Libraries: Public libraries, 2014
Social life - Culture - Printed matter: All data for the period, 2014
Social life - Labour market - Unemployed persons - Short term statistics: Registered unemployed persons by region/administrative unit, 30 April 2015
26.05.2015 Economy - Tourism, accommodation and catering - Border crossings: Non-residents leaving Estonia and their expenditure on the visits, 2014
27.05.2015 Environment - Natural resources and their use - Forest resources: Damaged forest stands, 31 December 2014
Environment - Natural resources and their use - Forest resources: Destroyed forest stands, 2014
Social life - Culture - Film: Imports and distribution of films; production of films, 2014
28.05.2015 Economy - Construction - Construction activities: All data for the period, 1st quarter 2015
Economy - Construction - Construction volume indices: All data for the period, 1st quarter 2015
Economy - Finance - Government finances - State budget: State budget revenue and expenditure, April 2015
Economy - Finance - Insurance: Life insurance and non-life insurance by type and insurance company, April 2015
29.05.2015 Economy - Financial statistics of enterprises - Enterprises income statement, employment and hours worked - Short term statistics: Financial data of enterprises (average number of persons employed, net sales), 1st quarter 2015
Economy - Internal trade - Economic indicators of internal trade: Retail sales of goods and trade enterprises┬┐ net sales, April 2015
Economy - Internal trade - Retail sale volume indices: Retail sales volume index and retail trade enterprises net sales volume index, April 2015
Economy - Transport - Rail transport: Passenger and freight traffic on railways, April 2015
Economy - Transport - Road transport: National and international road freight transport; population, sample and responses of road freight transport survey, 4th quarter 2014
Population - Vital events - Births: Live births: number of deliveries and multiple births, 2014
Main Indicators (IMF:SDDS)
25.05.2015 Wages/earnings, 1st quarter 2015
29.05.2015 Analytical accounts of monetary financial institutions, April 2015
Interest rates, April 2015