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Statistical Database
24.10.2016 Social life - Labour market - Unemployed persons - Short term statistics: Registered unemployed persons by region/administrative unit, 30 September 2016
28.10.2016 Economy - Finance - Government finances - State budget: State budget revenue and expenditure, September 2016
Economy - Finance - Insurance: Life insurance and non-life insurance by type and insurance company, September 2016
Economy - Science. Technology. Innovation - Research and development activities - General data R&D: Research and development expenditures and their financing by institutional sector (expenditures of business enterprise sector, preliminary data), 2015
Economy - Transport - Rail transport: Passenger and freight traffic on railways, September 2016
Main Indicators (IMF:SDDS)
28.10.2016 Analytical accounts of monetary financial institutions, September 2016
Interest rates, September 2016