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News Releases
07.07.2016 Consumer price index, June 2016
Statistical Database
04.07.2016 Economy - Industry - Industrial products - Short term statistics: Production of industrial products, May 2016
Economy - Industry - Production indices - Short term statistics: Value index of industrial sales and value index of industrial export sales, value index of industrial domestic sales; value index of industrial new orders by economic activity, May 2016
Social life - Culture - Film: Film production expenditures; audiovisual content, 2015
05.07.2016 Economy - Transport - General data of transport: Trams and trolley-buses, 31 December 2015
07.07.2016 Economy - Prices: Consumer price index, June 2016
Economy - Science. Technology. Innovation - Innovative activities - Innovative activities 2012-2014: All data for the period, 2012 - 2014
Main Indicators (IMF:SDDS)
07.07.2016 Consumer prices, June 2016
International reserves and foreign currency liquidity, June 2016