Estonian statistics

The "Estonian statistics" application provides an overview of the population, wages and salaries, prices, business, construction, real estate, agriculture, population census, trade, job market, tourism, environment, etc.

Statistical information can be displayed in figures, thematic maps and tables.

Statistical news will give you information about the release and availability of up-to-date data.

The statistics blog wil provide analysis on topical issues.

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Minifacts about Estonia 2013

The application provides a concise overview of Estonia based on essential statistical indicators. It outlines recent developments in different areas, such as environment, population, health and social protection, education, culture, labour market, wages and salaries, national accounts, finance, industry, agriculture, energy, foreign trade, tourism and so on. The main focus is on the preceding year, which is compared with the previous ten years as well as with data on other European Union countries. The application contains geographical facts and information about the governmental system of Estonia. A list of essential web sites about Estonia is provided. The information is presented as texts, tables and diagrams. The application content has been compiled in co-operation with the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Addressed to anyone who needs a quick and informative overview of Estonia.

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