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Harvest, 15 September 2008

news release no 113

According to Statistics Estonia, by 15 September, a half of the sown area of cereals, a third of the area under potatoes and 16% of the sown area of rape and turnip rape had been harvested in Estonia.

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Agricultural holdings, 2007

news release no 74

According to Statistics Estonia, in 2007 there were 23,300 agricultural holdings in Estonia, i.e. almost a fifth less than two years before. Agricultural area and production has concentrated mainly into larger holdings with more than 50 hectares of agricultural area.

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Livestock farming, 2007

news release no 11

According to preliminary data of Statistics Estonia, in 2007 compared to the previous year, the production of milk decreased 0.3%. The production of eggs fell 15% and the production of meat decreased 1%.

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Crop production, 2007

news release no 10

According to preliminary data of Statistics Estonia, in 2007 the cereal production was 859,600 tons. The cereal production was so big last in 1991, when 939,000 tons of cereal was gathered.

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