Census questionnaire

1. Personal data
1.1. first and surname; personal identification code;
1.2. person’s and his/her parents’ place of birth, person’s permanent place of residence and location at the Census moment, person’s permanent place of residence on 12 January 1989, year of arrival in Estonia, address of the place of work;
1.3. sex, date of birth, citizenship, ethnic nationality, mother tongue, knowledge of languages (answering the question is voluntary), marital status, number of children given birth to, mother’s age at the time of birth of the first child;
1.4. main sources of subsistence, length of working week in the week preceding the Census (number of hours worked), social status (in military service, not working, actively seeking work, ready to start work, student (pupil), pensioner, homemaker, not working for other reasons), name of the main place of work / main employer (answering the question is voluntary), economic activity of the main place of work, employment status at the main place of work (employee with stable contract, other employee, entrepreneur-employer, farmer with salaried employees, self-employed person, freelancer, farmer without salaried employees, contributing family workers in a family enterprise, farm, member of commercial association), occupation at main place of work, length of usual working week;
1.5. level of curriculum that the person has completed or studies currently, highest level of vocational or professional education completed, highest level of general education completed;
1.6. long-term disability or illness determined by the medical commission of experts;
1.7. religious affiliation and faith confessed (answering the question is voluntary).

2. Household data
2.1. type of institution;
2.2. list of household members, relationship of each household member to the reference person, family relationships between the household members, permanent and temporary members of the household, duration of absence of a permanent household member in months, duration of presence of a temporary household member;
2.3. legal basis for the use of the dwelling;
2.4. the links between the household and agricultural activity.

3. Data on dwelling
3.1. type, form of ownership, total area, number of rooms, existence of a kitchen, plumbing and heating (water supply system, sewage disposal system, hot water, bath (shower), sauna, flush toilet, electricity, gas, central heating, electric heating);
3.2. address, type and period of construction of the building containing dwellings.

Minister of Finance Mart Opmann