Consumption of fuels by type of fuel, years

Coal and coke, thousand tons696466772929
Oil shale, thousand tons18 73917 52720 48720 62917 89918 840
Peat, thousand tons304264242115131124
Peat briquette, thousand tons1213121292
Firewood, 1000 m³ solid volume4 3484 4954 2954 2834 5094 647
Wood briquette, thousand tons452131181419
Pellets, thousand tons111112233092
Natural gas, million m³632657678530471518
Liquefied gas, thousand tons798121321
Heavy fuel oil, thousand tons211112
Shale oil, thousand tons656750435051
Light fuel oil, thousand tons746763404237
Diesel oil, thousand tons572601595637662647
Gas/Diesel oil, thousand tons646668658677704684
Motor gasoline, thousand tons261252234237236252
Aviation fuels, thousand tons343728412421
Shale oil gas, million m³1 1081 1421 1081 073912808
Other fuels, 1000 tce000000
Other biomass, thousand tons143145189185178183
Biogas, million m³8717222725