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Today, on 20 February, enumerators start visiting those people who did not complete the census online. Households that did not participate in the e-census can expect an enumerator’s visit between now and the end of March.
Statistics Estonia will postpone the interview census for four days, during which the enumerators are visiting those residents who did not participate in the e-census. The enumerators will start visiting homes next Monday, on 20 February.
Today, 6 February 2,200 enumerators will come together in training centres all over Estonia to acquire skills and knowledge necessary for enumerator’s work.
More than 62% of the estimated population of Estonia were enumerated in the e-census, based on preliminary data. The final proportion of e-census participants will be revealed after the publication of the census results in May, when the actual population size of Estonia has been determined.
Today, at midnight of 2 February, the e-census which had lasted for a month came to an end. The first results of the e-census will be released by Statistics Estonia on Monday, 6 February.
Today, 31 January is the last day when people can participate online in the current Population and Housing Census. As of 06:00 on 31 January, already 56% of the estimated population of Estonia has participated in the e-census.
Statistics Estonia lengthens the opportunity to participate in the e-census by 24 hours due to a big interest of the population in the e-census. People can participate online in the Population Census until 23:59 on 1 February.

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