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The number and share of enumerated residents in the population*

* The share is calculated based on the population figure with migration published by Statistics Estonia as at 1 January 2011.

In some counties, the number of permanent residents enumerated (as shown in the table) may be greater than the estimated population of that county (the share of enumerated persons is higher than 100%). This could be because:

  • some people have been enumerated twice;
  • some people’s place of usual residence is not the same as their registered place of residence, which is used to calculate the population figures.

The data will be revised during the data processing after the census and each person will only be counted once, based on the place of usual residence they have specified in the census.

During the interview census (starting 20 Feb 2012), the table shows the number of Personal Questionnaires of residents of Estonia that enumerators have transmitted to the database. For technical reasons, these figures might not include all the persons enumerated on a given date.

Data as at:

Harju county570,165102
  of which Tallinn405,308101
Hiiu county8,69394
Ida-Viru county152,61298
Jõgeva county31,85496
Järva county31,17397
Lääne county24,71899
Lääne-Viru county61,08899
Põlva county27,98696
Pärnu county84,20098
Rapla county35,826100
Saare county31,86097
Tartu county153,784106
Valga county30,60997
Viljandi county48,58697
Võru county34,15897
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