Main changes in Intrastat 2020

Please note: Trade with the United Kingdom

After the United Kingdom left the European Union on 31 January 2020, there is a transition period that could last until the end of the year. During this period, all trade in goods with the United Kingdom should still be recorded in the Intrastat questionnaire. During the transition period, there is a free flow of goods between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Statistical thresholds

In 2020, the statistical threshold for the dispatches of goods, above which Intrastat data should be submitted, is 130,000 euros (the same as in 2019). It means that in 2020, Intrastat data have to be submitted by those enterprises whose turnover of dispatched goods to the European Union countries exceeded 130,000 euros in 2019. If enterprises exceed the statistical threshold in 2020, they will also have to submit Intrastat data. The statistical threshold for the arrivals of goods is 230,000 euros (the same as in 2019).

Changes in classifications

In Intrastat questionnaire for 2020, commodity codes have to be marked according to the Combined Nomenclature of 2020. An overview of the new codes, deleted codes and correspondence table can be found in the document "Changes in Combined Nomenclature in 2020". In the Combined Nomenclature of 2020, there are 144 changes: 97 codes have been deleted and 47 new codes have been added.

Electronic reporting

Please use data reporting the electronic data transmission environment eSTAT

There are different options for uploading data files in eSTAT:

  • using a CSV file
  • using an XLSX file
  • using a complex file (XLSX) - on several flows and periods

It is possible to upload questionnaires with up to 99,900 cells.