Main changes in Intrastat 2019

Statistical thresholds

In 2019, the statistical threshold for the dispatches of goods, above which Intrastat data should be submitted, is 130,000 euros (the same as in 2018). It means that in 2019, Intrastat data have to be submitted by those enterprises whose turnover of dispatched goods to the European Union countries exceeded 130,000 euros in 2018. If enterprises exceed the statistical threshold in 2019, they will also have to submit Intrastat data. The statistical threshold for the arrivals of goods is 230,000 euros (the same as in 2018).

Changes in classifications

In Intrastat questionnaire for 2019, commodity codes have to be marked according to the Combined Nomenclature of 2019. An overview of the new codes, deleted codes and correspondence table can be found in the document “Changes in Combined Nomenclature in 2019”. In the Combined Nomenclature of 2019, there are 17 changes: seven codes have been deleted, seven new codes have been added and the supplementary unit has been changed for three codes.

In the Combined Nomenclature 2019, a supplementary unit of 1,000 litres is no longer used (code of the supplementary unit KLT). For these three commodity codes (27101241, 27101245, 27101249) where the supplementary unit had to be indicated in 1,000 litres, the supplementary unit should now be indicated as a cubic meter (code of the supplementary unit MTQ).

Electronic reporting

In 2019, the data can no longer be submitted using Statistics Estonia’s program Intrastat.xls. The questionnaire can be completed in eSTAT. In addition to filling in the electronic questionnaire in eSTAT, it is also possible to submit the Intrastat questionnaire in Instat.xml or Excel format.  Starting from February 2019, it is possible to use one Excel file to upload to eSTAT data for several periods and both commodity flows.

It will also become easier for declarant companies to submit data for reporting companies in eSTAT. Declarant companies will be issued company-specific passwords, which will free enterprises from managing declarants and make it easier for declarants to send company reports.

Starting from rom 2018, it is possible to upload to eSTAT questionnaires with a large number of entries (up to 99,999). In case of uploading files with over 100,000 entries, please contact customer support in advance.

In 2019, enterprises with a larger turnover are not required to complete the following fields: terms of delivery, mode of transport, statistical value and currency. Therefore, no comments have been added to the Obligation to submit data website.