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Interview census

Between 20 February and 31 March 2012, enumerators will visit all those people who did not participate in the e-census. No one will be visited by an enumerator before that period.

The working hours of the enumerators are from 9:00 to 21:00, or before 9:00 or after 21:00, subject to agreement with the residents. On the Estonian Independence Day (24 Feb 2012), enumerators will conduct interviews only if previously agreed.

If you are not at home, the enumerator will leave a note with his/her name and phone number. This way you can call and agree on a time and place for the interview. If you are at home when the enumerator comes but are not able to start completing the questionnaires at that time, you can agree on a new time for enumeration.

It is most convenient to invite the enumerator inside, but this is not obligatory – you can also give the enumerator the necessary information at a local library, in a café or in the car, for example.

If you have a dog in your household, it should be kept on a leash for the duration of the enumerator’s visit.

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