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How is the interview census conducted?

For the interview census, Estonia has been divided into three regions, which are further divided into 15 districts. In these districts, there are a total of 132 supervision areas, each with 14 to 16 enumeration areas.

There are 2,000 enumerators in total across Estonia, incl. enumerators of institutions (social welfare institutions and others). In addition, 200 enumerators are on standby, ready to be called if there is a need to substitute for an enumerator in an enumeration area.

To ensure smooth and fast enumeration, it is recommended to find out or check some information before the enumerator’s visit: personal identification codes and job titles of household members, parents’ and grandparents’ place of birth, and the personal details of any close relatives that have permanently settled in another country after the previous census of 2000.

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