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Technical requirements

For participation in the e-census, your computer should meet the following technical requirements.

  • A contemporary operating system must be installed on the computer (Windows XP/Vista/7, MacOS X etc.).
  • Windows XP must have the latest service pack (ServicePack 3) installed as well as all the high-priority updates released after that.
  • It is recommended to use the most prevalent web browsers, where JavaScript must be enabled. The system has guaranteed compatibility with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.
  • If you want to use an ID card, you must have the latest version of the ID card software installed on your computer. The software can be downloaded and installed from the website http://installer.id.ee.
  • It is recommended to have Adobe Flash installed. N.B. It is important to remember that, in the questionnaire, you can also enter the address of your place of residence without Flash.

To use the electronic functions of your ID-card, you need:

  • the ID-card – apply for one at the Citizenship and Migration Board;
  • PIN-codes – issued together with the ID-card. In case you lose your codes, contact the Citizenship and Migration Board or a bank office that provides ID-card maintenance services for new ones;
  • valid certificates – once your certificates are expired, you can renew them on your own at sk.ee/id-kontroll/;
  • a computer with an active Internet connection;
  • a smartcard reader – ask from a computer store or your local bank office;
  • ID-card software – install from installer.id.ee/.

To use the Mobiil-ID service, you need:

  • a SIM card that supports the Mobiil-ID service – get one from a local mobile network operator (Elisa, EMT, Tele2)
  • PIN-codes – issued together with your Mobiil-ID SIM card;
  • to activate the Mobiil-ID service with your ID-card at mobiil.id.ee/akt/.
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