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Who can fill in the e-questionnaire?

Preferably, the questions in the Household and Dwelling Questionnaires should be answered by a household member who is at least 18 years old and who is best able to answer these questions. Also he/she needs to know the personal identification codes of the household members that he/she plans to enumerate online.

The member of the household who is the first to log into the e-census environment will be asked to complete the Household Questionnaire and the Dwelling Questionnaire. After that, each person can complete their own Personal Questionnaire, but they may also entrust another member of the household with the completion of their Personal Questionnaire.

The questionnaires on children aged under 15 should be completed by a parent or another household member.

What is the level of technical readiness required?

To complete the e-questionnaire, the respondent must have a computer that has an Internet connection and meets the system requirements, and an ID card or Mobile ID with the required PIN codes, or Internet bank codes. If the respondent has these, he/she can start completing the e-questionnaire.

If the person who has started completing the e-questionnaire is not supposed to be enumerated (i.e. is not a permanent resident), the system will notify him/her and will automatically terminate the completion of the questionnaire.

Persons who are temporarily abroad

One of the many advantages of the e-census is that people who are temporarily abroad can also participate in the census.

All those people who are temporarily abroad during the e-census period (31 December 2011 to 31 January 2012) can complete the census questionnaires online. Alternatively, they can wait for an enumerator’s visit once they are back at home.

The e-census is also a great opportunity for participating in the census if a person will be abroad during the period of 16 February 2012 to 31 March 2012, and thus cannot be interviewed by an enumerator.

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