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How to complete the e-census questionnaire?

  • A single Household Questionnaire and Dwelling Questionnaire must be completed on every household. A Personal Questionnaire must be completed on every person entered in the Household Questionnaire.
  • The Household Questionnaire must be completed by the household member who is the first to log into the e-census environment.
  • The Dwelling Questionnaire and Personal Questionnaires can be completed by any member of the household.
  • It is also possible to complete Personal Questionnaires on behalf of other household members or based on their oral answers. This way, the person does not have to log in himself/herself to complete the questionnaire. If your Personal Questionnaire has been completed by another household member, you will be able to view it and correct the answers. You can also complete a new Personal Questionnaire. N.B. You will not be able to see any other questionnaires completed by another household member.

Recommended steps

  1. The household members decide who will complete the Household Questionnaire (e.g. household member A) and whether he/she will complete all the Personal Questionnaires or whether each member of the household will complete the Personal Questionnaire himself/herself.
  2. Household member A enters the e-census environment and completes the Household Questionnaire, adding himself/herself and all the members of the household (e.g. B and C) to the list of household members.
  3. If the other household members want to complete their Personal Questionnaires themselves as members of the same household, person A must enter their personal identification codes in the list of household members (otherwise, B and C will not be able to complete their Personal Questionnaires as members of that household and will have to start again with the Household Questionnaire). Person A enters the household members one by one (adds a row, completes it, and then adds a new row, if necessary, for the next household member).
  4. Once the household members have been added to the list of household members, you should add any temporary residents and close relatives who have left Estonia (if any) to the table. Do not worry about the fact that they are displayed in the same table with your other household members – they will not be included in your household (their status in the table is not ‘permanent resident’).
  5. Household member A marks the Household Questionnaire as completed. After that, a Personal Questionnaire (status: not started) will be generated for each person entered in the Household Questionnaire. The questionnaires can now be completed in any order (person A may proceed with the Dwelling Questionnaire or his/her Personal Questionnaire, or person B or C may start completing the questionnaires).
  6. When household member A has finished completing the questionnaire, he/she must log out of the questionnaire and the e-census environment and must close all the browser windows.
  7. Household member B enters the e-census environment and, as the first step, answers the questions about his/her place of usual residence. If the address entered by B for his/her place of usual residence is the same as the address entered by A, the system will display the Household Questionnaire completed by A (provided that A has entered B’s personal identification code and has marked the Household Questionnaire as completed).
  8. If household member B confirms that he/she belongs to this household, he/she can start completing the Personal Questionnaire. If person A has already completed B’s Personal Questionnaire, B will be able to view and modify it. B will also be able to complete those questionnaires that A has not yet completed.
  9. If household member B considers himself/herself a separate household or wants to start the completion from the beginning for any other reason, B will not accept the household created by A. Then, B will create a new household and start the completion of all questionnaires.
  10. All completed questionnaires must be marked as completed to finish. First, you should definitely make sure that all the data entered in the questionnaire are correct, because the questionnaires marked as completed can no longer be corrected.
  11. If your Personal Questionnaire was completed by another household member, you will be able to correct the questionnaire and complete it yourself. The person who first completed your Personal Questionnaire will not be able to view it any more.
  12. If your Household or Dwelling Questionnaire has been marked as completed, but you discover a mistake (mistakes) in it, it is possible for another member of your household to complete a new set of questionnaires – there is no other option for correcting completed questionnaires. Above all, you should consider completing a new set of questionnaires if the address of the place of usual residence is wrong or if the list of household members is incorrect.
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