Everyone counts!

Dear people of Estonia!

Diana BeltadzeA census is like taking a picture of the entire population. This picture will show how many of us there are, what our age and ethnic composition is, what kind of skills we have, how many children there are in our families, and what kind of conditions we live in. This picture will show how we have changed, compared to the previous decades.

Taking this picture is not easy – especially since it will not be possible to retake it. We can improve our chances of a successful snapshot by making the necessary preparations, securing the right technology and learning to use it, and creating the suitable environment. The most important thing is that the people must be prepared and willing to be in this picture. Only if every single resident of Estonia is in this picture can we be sure that everyone counts.

It is my greatest wish that this census, the eleventh in Estonian history, would be successful and would provide the foundation for improving everyday life in our country, so that everyone’s needs are considered. We can only do this all together.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure that you are in it!

Everyone counts!

Diana Beltadze
Project Manager of the 2011 Population and Housing Census

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