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Entering the e-census environment

Why can’t I log in using my ID card?

Please make sure:

a) That you have entered the ID card correctly into the reader and that the reader is connected to the computer;

b) That you have installed ID card software. The software can be installed online by visiting www.installer.id.ee. Since the information system of the Population and Housing Census uses the highest level of security possible, you must have all the latest security updates (incl. ServicePack3) installed on your computer;

c) That your ID card certificates are valid. You can check the validity of the certificates online at www.sk.ee/id-kontroll, where you can also renew the certificates.

For help, call the ID card helpline at 1777 or visit www.id.ee.

Why can’t I log into the e-census environment using my ID card, even though I have the required software installed and my ID card certificates are valid?

Close all the browser windows, insert the ID card into the reader, connect the reader to the computer and open the browser. It is important to open the e-questionnaire in a separate window. If you are still unable to log in, it means that your computer does not meet the security requirements of the e-census environment. To ensure the required level of security, please follow the steps below:

  1. In case of Windows XP, install the latest service pack (Service Pack 3) and all the available high-priority updates released after that, which you can download from http://www.update.microsoft.com.
  2. Install the latest version of the ID card software on your computer – you can download it from http://installer.id.ee.
  3. Upgrade to the latest official version of your browser.
  4. Delete all personal certificates used in Internet Explorer (Tools > Internet Options > Content > Certificates > Personal > Remove).

Why can’t I install the ID card software?

People usually have this problem if they are using a computer belonging to an institution/company where the user does not have administration rights. To solve the problem, you should contact the IT-specialist of your institution/company.

I don’t know the PIN codes of my ID card.

The PIN codes are issued together with the ID card. If you have lost the PIN codes, you can request new PIN codes from the Citizenship and Migration Bureaus of the Police and Border Guard Board or from a bank office that offers ID card maintenance services.

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