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Interview census

Are all the people employed as enumerators reliable?

The enumerators have been very carefully chosen, since they will be visiting people’s homes. A thorough background check has been performed on all enumerators and they have signed a certificate confirming their compliance with the confidentiality requirements.

I do not want to invite the enumerator into my home. Could we meet at another place?

Yes, the interview can be conducted outside the dwelling of the respondent (e.g. in a corridor, car, library, cafeteria). It is important to ensure the privacy of the respondent during the interview.

There are only two weeks left before the end of the interview period, but I have still not been enumerated.

In that case, it is advisable to contact customer support and provide the address of your permanent place of residence, your name, personal identification code and telephone number. This information will be forwarded to an enumerator who will contact you to arrange a time for an interview.

How can I be sure that the enumerator visiting me is not a fraud?

The enumerators will be visiting people’s homes between 20 February and 31 March 2012. The enumerators will have an employment certificate issued by Statistics Estonia and bearing their photo as well as a scarf with the census logo and a blue suitcase. If in doubt (or if you cannot check the employment certificate without opening the door), you can ask the enumerator’s name and call the customer support of Statistics Estonia at 625 9100 to verify that it is the right person.

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