Statistics eXplorer

Statistics eXplorer is a web compliant application that enables the statistics visualization of socio-economic information at national or detailed territorial level providing clear insight on regional differences and performance within a country and comparison of different areas across countries. Statistics eXplorer enables users to explore simultaneously spatial, temporal and multivariate data (both numeric and categorical) from multiple perspectives, to discover interesting relationships, to share their incremental discoveries with colleagues and finally to communicate selected relevant knowledge to other users. Statistics eXplorer is composed of GeoAnalytics Visualization (GAV) components facilitating a broad collection of dynamic visualization methods developed and integrated for use with the Adobe Flash and Flex development platform. In this respect, Statistics eXplorer represents a leading edge tool being adapted to the Internet and used as a web-enabled toolkit.

Open Statistics Explorer

International data are available at OECD Statistics eXplorer.

For further information please turn to greta dot tischler at stat dot ee.