A selection of articles

The articles have been published on Eurostat’s web site, in the Statistics Explained portal in 21 EU languages.

The articles include hyperlinks to the relevant data, definitions and methodology, regulations and policies, and other related information.
There is a unique code under each table – when clicked, it opens the relevant table in the Eurostat database.

The articles have been taken from yearbooks (Eurostat yearbook, Eurostat regional yearbook) and other publications. The articles published in Statistics Explained often contain more recent data than printed publications. The articles are updated at least once a year.

Agricultural products

Balance of payment statistics

Causes of death statistics

Crime statistics

Education statistics at regional level

Employment statistics

Energy production and imports

Housing statistics

Income distribution statistics

Information society statistics

International trade in goods

GDP and household accounts at regional level

GDP at regional level

GDP per capita, consumption per capita and price level indices

Government finance statistics

Migration and migrant population statistics

Minimum wage statistics

Population change at regional level

Population statistics at regional level

Tourism trends

Wages and labour costs

Waste statistics