Module 3

Module 3: “The ABC for the statistical map application” (theoretical and/or practical course) is intended for everyone who wishes to use the statistical map application: create thematic maps and perform spatial queries based on building-based data. 

Expected result: Users are able to individually create thematic maps, read from the map the data for different years and regions, print the maps and perform spatial queries regarding specific research areas.

Target group: local authority employees, planners, development specialists, pupils, persons interested in statistics

Content: Statistics Estonia’s map application and possible uses are presented. An overview is given of the possibilities of the map application – how to create and design thematic maps, search for data, compare information for different regions and years, print thematic maps. Participants are taught how to perform spatial queries, how to draw and upload specific research areas for spatial queries and what kind of problems can be solved with spatial queries.
The programme can be tailored to meet the client’s interest in specific subject areas.

Teaching method: Lecture and demo; computer-based tasks during practical training
Study aids: Tasks and instructions during practical training
Duration of training course: 45 minutes of theoretical training, 2 x 45 minutes of practical training

For further information and registration for a training course please email statistika at stat dot ee or call us on +372 625 9300.