Data submission

The main task of Statistics Estonia is to provide reliable and objective information on Estonia. In order to do that, data are collected from enterprises, databases and individuals. If possible, data from national registers are used for statistics production – in 2019, register data are used for nearly a half of the questionnaires. Since the production of statistics requires also information which is not included in the registers, data need to be collected directly from enterprises and institutions as well.

You can check which questionnaires your enterprise is expected to submit in 2018 on Statistics Estonia’s website under the menu item “Obligation to submit data”. Over the course of the year, the list may be supplemented with more questionnaires. You will be notified of that in advance.

Information for respondents of questionnaires “Wages and salaries and labour force” and “EKOMAR”

  • As part of the project Reporting 3.0, it is possible to submit data for the “Wages and salaries and labour force” questionnaire directly from the enterprise’s accounting software and, in this case, the questionnaire no longer has to be completed in Statistics Estonia’s electronic data collection environment eSTAT.
  • Annual reports signed in the Commercial Register are used for prefilling “EKOMAR” questionnaire.

Data are collected from enterprises mainly with sample surveys, which is why only a part of enterprises in each economic activity are required to submit data to Statistics Estonia. Most of the enterprises are selected for data submission using random sampling. Enterprises with over 50 employees or smaller enterprises which are engaged in significant economic activities are required to submit data every year.

For data submission, we recommend using the electronic data collection environment eSTAT, where the questionnaires have been partially pre-filled. In order to join eSTAT, a person with the right of representing the enterprise/institution shall file an application in eSTAT or send a digitally signed application form via e-mail (klienditugi at stat dot ee). More information on eSTAT and joining it can be found in eSTAT manual.

As stipulated by the Official Statistics Act, submitting data is compulsory because statistics that reflect the processes of the society are vital in the running of the country as well as for drawing up an enterprise’s development plan and making management decisions. Reliable statistics can only be produced on the basis of quality data. Therefore, enterprises that submit data play an important role in the production of statistics. Statistics Estonia guarantees the protection of the submitted data, does not forward the data to control or inspection authorities and uses the data only for statistical purposes.

Upon failure to submit data or submission of distorted data, the producer of official statistics has the right to issue a precept for the elimination of the violation to the respondent. Upon failure to comply with a precept, the producer of official statistics may impose a penalty payment pursuant to the procedure provided for in the Substitutive Enforcement and Penalty Payment Act.

The statistics that are produced based on the collected data are published in the Statistical Database. Analytical overviews can be read in articles and the statistics blog.

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