Annual reports and submitting statistical questionnaires to Statistics Estonia

An important source of data used for the production of statistics is the annual report enterprises submit to the commercial register. In order to make filling in the questionnaire easier, the EKOMAR questionnaire has been made as similar as possible to the annual report. For the submission of 2018 data, the section “Revenue, expenditure and profit” has been changed in the questionnaire. As in the annual report, two income statement formats have been introduced in the questionnaire. To submit data, select the same format as in the annual report. The questionnaire is pre-filled in eSTAT based on the annual report data. This reduces the data submission burden of enterprises and eliminates duplicate data collection. The respondent will only have to add the information which the annual report does not include or which the respondent has not submitted in the report.

Reasons for collecting additional information from enterprises:

  • If the annual report has not been submitted to the commercial register or is not waiting to be signed in the commercial register, no pre-filling is carried out in eSTAT.
  • If the data in the annual report submitted to the commercial register do not coincide with the calendar year or if the data submission deadline is earlier than the deadline for submitting the annual report.
  • There are not enough data in the annual report for the production of official statistics, e.g. on labour costs and depreciation, without which, the value added and productivity cannot be calculated; payments to staff provision enterprises; construction work of construction enterprises abroad, etc.
  • Some indicators are used only in the case of certain economic activities, e.g. the cost of completed construction work by type of construction in construction, sales space in trade, etc., and this information is not included in annual reports.
  • As only significant information is presented in annual reports, an entity can decide about the elements of which annexes he provides information. This means that Statistics Estonia does not know in advance whether all the indicators required for the production of statistics are submitted with annual reports.
  • Annual reports are submitted to the commercial register in formats which cannot be electronically processed (e.g. as PDF or other such files).
  • Annual reports covering up to 18 months accepted from enterprises starting or ceasing their activities cannot be used for the production of statistics, as for comparability, data must be presented for a calendar year.
  • In the case of consolidated reports of enterprises, pre-filled data have been included in eSTAT only for the parent company.

Only these eSTAT questionnaires which have not been submitted or have been cancelled are pre-filled with data from the commercial register.

Until the annual report is submitted or sent to be signed, the questionnaire in eSTAT may be viewed, but if you would like it to be pre-filled with data from the annual report, it should not be saved and should be exited by clicking on the button ‘Exit without saving’.

If a questionnaire that has not been pre-filled has been saved but you would like the fields to be pre-filled, the questionnaire can be cancelled by clicking on the button ‘Cancel report’.