Adding official title and address of the place of employment information to the employment register

The Ministry of Finance has prepared a draft regulation according to which employers must enter in the employment register (TÖR) of the Tax and Customs Board the official title and address of the place of employment for each employee. The Tax and Customs Board has already included the respective fields in TÖR; filling in these fields is mandatory for non-residents and currently voluntary for residents.

What is the purpose of the modification?

The purpose is to make the collection of wages and salaries and labour force data more efficient, to produce more accurate wage and labour market statistics and conduct a register-based census.

In Estonia, approximately 700,000 official titles are in use. Official title and address of the place of employment information is required by Statistics Estonia, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Estonian Qualifications Authority, Labour Inspectorate, Ministry of Defence, local authorities, etc.

Who will be affected?

The modification shall affect all employers who have to make entries in TÖR.

What are the most important developments?

Employers shall be obliged to enter in TÖR the official title of employee according to the national classification of occupations, or, in its absence, according to International Standard Classification of Occupations 2008 (ISCO-08) of International Labour Organization. In the absence of a suitable classification, the closest title based on the content of duties shall be indicated. Statistics Estonia has prepared instructions on how to indicate the official title in TÖR. See also the classification of occupations.

The employer shall enter in TÖR also the address of the place of employment where the employee is required to carry out his/her duties. In case the place of employment is not fixed – e.g. construction, on-site guarding –, or it has not been agreed, the location of the employer is indicated as the employee’s place of employment. Job sites, such as guarded apartments, unfinished building sites, etc. are not places of employment. Statistics Estonia has prepared instructions about the requirements for the registration of address of the place of employment, to help employers enter the required data. Addresses shall be indicated according to the address data classification (ADS) of the Land Board.

The occupational title and place of work address have to be entered in TÖR only for persons employed under an employment contract. If the person is working under a contract of the law of obligations, additional data in TÖR are not required.

When shall the amendment take effect?

The amendment to the regulation is scheduled to take effect on 1 January 2019. The draft regulation can be consulted HERE and the explanatory memorandum HERE. (in Estonian)

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