Contact centre of respondents

The purpose of contact centre of respondents is to provide consultation for respondents on completion and transmission of statistical questionnaires and the social surveys arranged by Statistics Estonia. Contact centre of respondents provides information in Estonian and English. When turning to contact centre, the relevant company’s registry code shall be stated.

Contact centre of respondents provides the following opportunities

  • to obtain information on reporting requirements and receipt of questionnaires;
  • to obtain information about participation in social surveys and the arrangement of the surveys;
  • to get consultation on the completion of questionnaires
  • to obtain consultation on use of electronic data submission environment eSTAT;
  • to obtain additional information from the specialists of the corresponding field of activity or from methodologist;
  • to inform about the changes in a company’s or person’s contact data.

Enquiries can be submitted

  • by the Statistics Estonia telephone No. +372 6259 100 (Mon-Fri 8:00-17:00, local rate for telephone calls is applied);
  • by e-mail to the address klienditugi at stat dot ee;
  • by fax No. +372 6259 141;
  • by letter to the address 51 Tatari Str, 10134 Tallinn.

Time limit for replies

The employee of the contact centre of respondents shall immediately answer the questions lying within his/her competence which are asked by telephone. If a question requires more detailed review, the employee of the contact centre of respondents will call back to the client at the time agreed upon or within two working days at the latest. If replying to a question is beyond the competence of the employee of the contact centre of respondents, the latter will transfer the call to the specialist of the corresponding field. Questions received in writing are answered not later than within 5 working days since the day following the letter’s registration date.


Information delivered by the contact centre of respondents is free of charge.

Complaints and Suggestions Procedure

Written complaints and suggestions relating to the work of the contact centre of respondents are registered. The Head of Data Collection Service will settle complaints immediately if possible. The Head of Data Collection Department is responsible for the supervision over the settlement of complaints. The complaints submitted by letter, fax and e-mail will be answered by Statistics Estonia in written form within 10 working days since the registration date of complaint. If additional information is needed to review complaints, the time of reviewing may be lengthened to 30 days. Suggestions for the improvement of the service and complaints can be submitted in Statistics Estonia (51 Tatari Str, Tallinn) or by the contact centre of respondents telephone No. +372 625 9100.