Statistics Estonia
Registry code: 70000332

Statistics Estonia has offices in Tallinn, Tartu and Viljandi.

Tallinn office
Tatari 51, 10134 Tallinn
Reception desk: Mon–Thu 08:00–16:30, Fri 08:00–15:45

Free parking is available in Statistics Estonia’s car park provided that it is registered in the parking kiosk in the office lobby.

Director General Mart Mägi welcomes individual visitors every Monday 11:00–12:00. Please notify of your visit at the latest on the working day prior to your visit by sending an e-mail to stat at stat dot ee.

Tartu office
University of Tartu Delta Centre
Narva mnt 20, 51009 Tartu

Viljandi office
Government building
Vabaduse plats 2, 71020 Viljandi

Statistical information
Tel: +372 625 9300 (Mon–Thu 8:30–16:30, Fri 8:30–15:30)
Skype: Statistikaamet
E-mail: stat at stat dot ee

Contact Centre of Respondents
Tel +372 625 9100 (Mon–Thu 8:30–16:30, Fri 8:30–15:30)
E-mail: klienditugi at stat dot ee

Data protection issues
andmekaitse at stat dot ee