The dates of the updating of the database are available in the release calendar. The public database is updated at 8 a.m. on the day announced in advance in the release calendar.

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New database software

Statistical database shows official statistics. For offering this service, Statistics Estonia has been using PX-Web software, which no longer meets the growing needs of users of statistics. This is a beta, i.e. a test version, however, the data are the same as in the old database. Therefore, there is no difference in which database you search for data. During the test period, both the old and the new database will be available for use.

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Advantages of .Stat:

  • table content and division by themes with a list of tables are displayed on one page;
  • full-text search across the whole database;
  • a filter for selecting only tables containing necessary key words;
  • adjusting table layout to display only data of interest;
  • customizing table rows, columns and headers;
  • downloading the table in Excel, CSV, SDMX-XML or PX format;
  • concepts, methodology and metadata can be found next to the table.

Technical capabilities of .Stat:

  • displaying large quantities of data in one table;
  • an opportunity to search for official statistics directly from one’s own information system, website, phone application, etc.;
  • machine-readable interfaces, i.e. APIs, which enable to query the database for any data or their smaller components published by Statistics Estonia;
  • open standards such as SDMX-XML and SDMX-JSON are available.

The chosen database software is developed in cooperation with many other international organisations, including OECD, ILO, the statistical offices of Australia, Italy and New Zealand, the National Bank of Belgium, etc. Shared software development enables saving a considerable amount of taxpayer money and expanding the circle of specialists involved in analysis.