Database will be closed

Statistics Estonia is upgrading databases

In 2021, Statistics Estonia is transitioning to a single statistical database at As a result, some tables in the database at will no longer be updated (see below). For the time being, the larger foreign trade tables will remain at, which will become the foreign trade database until a new solution is found.

Those who use APIs should check their API routings. The users of foreign trade tables are not required to redirect their APIs before we notify of a new solution.

More information on the data that are no longer updated in the database can be found here:

Database API

If you are using a machine-to-machine interface (API) to read data from the database, please rewrite your API to the new database at Instructions can be found here.

In the case of questions concerning use of the upgraded databases, contact customer support of Statistics Estonia by calling +372 625 9300 or send an e-mail to stat [at] More information is available here (in Estonian).