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Wages and salaries application

What is the median wage in Estonian counties by occupation? How much do people earn in different regions of Estonia? Statistics Estonia’s wages and salaries application allows comparing wages and salaries for 120 most common groups of occupations. The wages and salaries data are presented on graphs and charts, and the user can get a good overview about one’s wage level in one’s home county as well as in Estonia. 

Take a look at Wages and salaries application (only in Estonian)

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Interesting fact

The median wage of animal producers in the first quarter of 2020 was 1,043 euros. It is slightly below the overall median wage in Estonia (1,158 euros). However, for example, in Põlva county, the wages of animal producers were higher than the median wage for all occupations in the county.

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employment register, data of the Tax and Customs Board


Kadri Rootalu, Markus Suurekivi