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General education

The beginning of school is a significant change in a child’s life. They say learning is a child’s job. In addition to providing knowledge, the school also teaches skills and gives experience, from rules of conduct to social skills and entrepreneurship. The school shapes the child's personality and the ability to cope in the world. School attendance is compulsory by law until the age of 17 or until the person completes basic education. 

General education statistics show

  • the number of general education schools in Estonia;
  • the number of pupils in general education schools;
  • the average number of pupils in a classroom;
  • the number of first class pupils;
  • the number of basic school and upper secondary school graduates;
  • the number of upper secondary schools for adults;
  • the number of educational institutions for pupils with special needs.

General education statistics are published by school type, county, mother tongue of pupils and school level. General education statistics are required for evaluating the educational system and for school education planning.

Number of general education schools 511
Pupils in stationary general education 157 thousand
Graduates in stationary basic education 13,027
Graduates in stationary secondary education 7,005
Pupils in class 1 14.1 thousand
Teachers of general education 16,569
Secondary schools for adults 8
Stationary general education | 2012–2021
Teachers of general education by age group and sex | 2021


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