Time left until the end of Population and Housing Census face-to-face interviews


This Saturday is the last day to complete the e-census

Statistics Estonia invites all Estonian residents to fill in the census e-questionnaire by Saturday. So far (by January 16), 450,000 persons, or around 35% of the Estonian population, have been enumerated based on the short five-minute questionnaire.
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International students and graduates continue to contribute more in taxes to the Estonian economy

According to Statistics Estonia, in the academic year 2020/2021, international students and graduates in Estonia paid more than ever before in labour taxes: a total of 16 million euros. At the same time, the number of international students was smaller, while the number of international graduates continued to rise. International students and graduates were most likely to work in information and communication as well as in education. Compared to local students, they worked more often in start-up enterprises.
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Living longer, but health is worse

According to Statistics Estonia, in 2018, life expectancy at birth was 73.9 years for males and 82.4 years for females. Life expectancy has increased for both sexes, slightly more for males. Men are expected to live disability-free for 52.8 and women for 55.6 years. Just a year ago, disability-free life expectancy for males was two years longer and for females over three years longer.
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