Environmental Policy of Statistics Estonia

The main task of Statistics Estonia is to provide public institutions, business and research circles, international organisations and individuals with reliable and objective information on the environmental, demographic, social and economic situation and trends in Estonia. Official statistics are in compliance with international classifications and methodologies, and in accordance with the principles of impartiality, reliability, relevance, cost-effectiveness, confidentiality and transparency. In producing statistics, Statistics Estonia is guided by the Official Statistics Act. The values that the work of the institution is based on are reliability, co-operation and innovation.

Operating in an environmentally-friendly manner is the bedrock of developing an efficient environment and a sustainable society. Therefore, in shaping the values of its employees, Statistics Estonia follows the principles of responsible work and of environmental conservation.

In our daily activities, we rely on the following environmental principles.

  • We improve the resource-efficiency of our activities and implement energy conservation measures.
  • We avoid and reduce the use of paper and promote paperless document management and the use of digital signatures.
  • We reduce waste generation and encourage separate waste collection based on the type of waste.
  • When buying goods and services, we rely on the principles of environmentally-friendly procurement and prefer Estonian products, where possible.
  • We include all our employees (and partners, as far as possible) in the implementation of the principles of the environmental policy.
  • We prefer tap water to bottled water.
  • We monitor and reduce the environmental impact of business trips and promote sustainable mobility management.
  • We ensure a healthy and socially responsible work environment for our employees, and support their sporting habits.
  • We regularly monitor and assess our environmental performance.
  • In order to raise the environmental awareness of our employees, we provide them with the relevant information.

It is obligatory for all our employees to follow these environmental principles.