ESMS metadata

ESMS (Euro-SDMX Metadata Structure) metadata are based on the SDMX Cross-Domain Concepts. These concepts describe statistical processing, the presentation and quality of statistical information, and so on. The ESMS reference metadata are aimed at describing the statistics released by the European Statistical System.

10001Environmental trends
10101Environmental protection expenditure accounts
10104Environmental taxes accounts
10105Energy accounts
10106Environmental goods and services sector accounts
10107Environmental protection expenditure accounts (macro-level)
10201Monitoring of air and water quality (until 2015)
10302Water use
10303Replenishment of bodies of water (until 2015)
10304Forest resources
10401Waste management
10403Emission and capture of gases causing climate change (until 2015)
10405Air pollution (until 2015)
10406Air emissions accounts
10501Agri-environmental commitments (until 2015)
10502Use of pesticides
10503Sales of pesticides
10601Material flow accounts
20001Financial statistics of non-profit organisations
20003Financial statistics of agricultural, forestry and fishing enterprises (annual) (until 2017)
20004Financial statistics of agricultural, forestry and fishing enterprises (quarterly) (until 2017)
20005Quarterly economic indicators of service enterprises (until 2015)
20006Quarterly economic indicators of industrial enterprises (until 2015)
20007Financial statistics of enterprises (quarterly)
20101Quarterly economic indicators of construction enterprises (until 2015)
20102Granted building permits and completed construction works
20103Construction volume indices
20205Energy consumption and production (monthly)
20206Energy consumption and production (annual)
Financial statistics of enterprises
20300Financial statistics of enterprises (annual)
20312Retail trade enterprises
20318Financial indicators of enterprises
20319Financial statistics of foreign affiliates
20320Annual economic indicators of construction enterprises (until 2015)
20321Annual economic indicators of trade enterprises (until 2015)
20322Annual economic indicators of real estate (until 2015)
20323Annual economic indicators of service enterprises (until 2015)
20324Annual economic indicators of transport enterprises (until 2015)
20325Annual economic indicators of tourism and accommodation (until 2015)
20326Annual economic indicators of industrial enterprises (until 2015)
20401Construction price index
20403Export price index
20404Import price index
20405Agricultural input price index
20406Agricultural output price index
20407Consumer price index
20408Producer price index of industrial output
20409Price of electricity and natural gas
20411Purchasing power parity
20412Dwelling price index and owner-occupied housing price index
20413Service producer price index
20415Selling and rental prices of agricultural land
Information technology and communications
20503Annual accounts of information and communication technology sector (until 2015)
20504Quarterly accounts of information and communication technology sector (until 2015)
20505Community Survey on ICT usage and e-commerce in Enterprises
20506Information technology in households
20507Communications (until 2016)
20508Communication services (until 2016)
20701Fish catch
Real estate
20803Transactions in real estate (until 2016)
Economic units
20901Business register for statistical purposes
20902Statistics of economic units
20903Business demography
20904Enterprise groups
Wages and salaries and labour costs
21101Wages and salaries
21102Structure of earnings survey
21103Labour costs
21104Job vacancies and labour turnover
21106Labour cost index
21107Labour disputes, strikes and lock-outs
21108Gender pay gap
21201Sown area of field crops (until 2015)
21202Purchase of livestock and poultry (until 2015)
21203Livestock farming and meat production
21204Quarterly statistics of livestock farming (until 2015)
21206Purchase and use of milk
21207Economic accounts for agriculture
21208Farm Structure Survey
21209Statistical register of agricultural holdings
21211Agricultural products (until 2015)
21212Yields (until 2015)
21213Supply balance sheets of agricultural products
21214Crop farming
21215Cereals (until 2015)
21217Dairy products (until 2015)
21222Organic farming (until 2015)
21300Financial statistics of financial service activities and activities auxiliary to financial services (annual)
21301Financial statistics of financial service activities and activities auxiliary to financial services (quarterly)
21302Financial statistics of insurance enterprises (monthly)
21303Government finance
21304Pension funds
21305Satellite account on pension schemes
21307Financial statistics of insurance enterprises (quarterly)
21308Financial statistics of insurance enterprises (annual)
National accounts
21401National accounts (annual)
21403Tourism satellite account
21404Auxiliary indicators to national accounts (until 2015)
21405National accounts (quarterly)
21406Regional GDP
21407Sector accounts
21408Supply and use tables
21409Input-output tables
21410Statistics on gross national income and weighted average VAT rate for own resources
Internal trade
21601Financial statistics of trade enterprises (monthly)
21602Quarterly economic indicators of trade enterprises (until 2015)
21603Trade volume indices
Science. Technology. Innovation
21701Research and development
21702Innovation in enterprises
22002Traffic accidents resulting in human injuries (until 2015)
22003Transport of goods by road
22015Transport by railway
22019Quarterly economic indicators of transport enterprises (until 2015)
22025Traffic accidents
22026Transport infrastructure
22027Registered motor vehicles
22028First registrations of vehicles (until 2015)
22029Transport of passengers and goods by transport enterprises
22030Passenger transport by road (until 2015)
22031Water transport
22032Air transport
Tourism, accommodation and catering
22102Border crossings registered at border checkpoints (until 2016)
22106Quarterly economic indicators of tourism and accommodation (until 2015)
22107Travelling of Estonian residents
22109Accommodation establishments
22201Production indices
22203Manufactured goods and industrial services
Foreign trade
22303Foreign trade
22304Foreign trade in services
30001Population and housing census
Population indicators and composition
Vital events
30201Vital events. Marriages
30202Vital events. Divorces
30203Vital events. Abortions
30204Vital events. Migration
30205Vital events. Deaths and causes of death
30206Vital events. Births
40003Estonian Social Survey
40009Income, poverty and material deprivation
40012Child well-being
40016Material deprivation (until 2015)
40017Absolute poverty (until 2015)
40018Health and living conditions of elderly people
Time use
40101Time Use Survey
40202Tourism Survey
40203Household Budget Survey
40204Consumption expenditure forecast
40205Living conditions
40304Hobby education
40305Continuing Vocational Training Survey (enterprise survey)
40308Educational expenditure
40309Adult Education Survey (household survey)
40310Formal education
40409Amateur cultural activities
40410Public library
40415Printed matter
40416Employment and financial statistics of the cultural sector
40422Participation in culture
Social protection
40501Social services
40502Social insurance (until 2015)
40505Social benefits (until 2015)
40509European System of Integrated Social Protection Statistics (ESSPROS)
40601Registered accidents at work
40602Accommodation establishment providing rehabilitation services (until 2017)
40604Health care (until 2016)
40606Permanent incapacity for work and disability
40611Integration of disabled persons
Labour market
40701Labour Force Survey (before IESS framework regulation) (until 2020)
40716Main employment indicators
40717Employed persons
40718Unemployed persons
40719Economically inactive population
40720Employment indicators of the immigrant population
Justice and security
40801Legal system (until 2016)
Worklife quality
40901Working Life Survey (until 2016)
40903Labour market policy interventions (until 2014)
Social exclusion and poverty
41001Social exclusion – Laeken indicators
Regional development
50101Regional development
50104Urban audit (until 2018)
Sustainable development
50201Sustainable development indicators