eSTAT upgraded in 2018

Statistics Estonia’s data collection channel eSTAT has been in use since 2006. At that time it was one of the most innovative systems, but over time it has become outdated. In response to the wishes of many users, the user interface of eSTAT was updated in June 2018. Data submission became more simple and user-friendly. The new design of eSTAT was created in cooperation with design agency Velvet.

Valuable cooperation with users

The profiles of eSTAT users were defined by user surveys, and interviews lasting 1–2 hours were conducted with the representatives of target groups. The most important problems and bottlenecks in the current environment were identified. A further aim was to find out about the main limitations affecting use and to get recommendations for future improvements. The target groups use the environment for different purposes and accordingly they have different wishes and expectations of the functioning of the environment. The main user paths in the interface were described in cooperation with the users.

The target groups were determined based on the backgrounds of users and the types of organisations represented. These include:

  1. bookkeeping companies, where employees enter data in eSTAT on behalf of their clients;
  2. bookkeepers of large enterprises (at least 50 employees);
  3. bookkeepers of medium-sized enterprises (at least 20 employees);
  4. bookkeepers of micro-enterprises (1–2 employees);
  5. bookkeepers or data submitting officials of local government or state authorities;
  6. data submitting employees of customs agencies;
  7. enterprises with special data submission responsibilities.

A prototype was designed based on the analysis results. The prototype was tested with the users, for which test tasks and eye tracking technology were used. The new eSTAT design is based on the principle that the learning curve would be as small as possible.

Main changes

  • It is possible to easily identify which questionnaires and on which date have to be submitted. The list is displayed with time sequence and a calendar is used for visualization.
  • The module for managing contact data has been simplified.
  • The display of messages has been updated. Previously, reminders were sent to an e-mail address, but in the new system they are also visible as messages.
  • Moving in the questionnaire is more intuitive, it is clear what needs to be entered in which cell and how to check the data in questionnaires.
  • The display of errors is more logical and clear.
  • An indicator displays the table and column or row with an error.
  • It is possible to easily move between error messages and the questionnaire.

Presentation of the new design

Presentation events for the new eSTAT design are planned to be held in Tallinn and Tartu in June. 

An updated eSTAT user guide will also become available. Data providers can also receive help from Statistics Estonia’s contact centre of respondents (e-mail klienditugi at stat dot ee, tel. +372 625 9100).