The procedure of logging into the research work environment will become ID-card based

Posted on 8 November 2022, 10:17

In order to increase the security of access to the research work environment, Statistics Estonia will make the identification of researchers working remotely with data ID-card based. From 8 January 2023, it will no longer be possible to access the research work environment with a password only.

ID-card authentication already works in the research work environment, but it will become the only option after 7 January 2023. “By increasing the security of user authentication, we are moving step by step towards abandoning the physical workstations for researchers,” says Annika Brauer, Head of IT at Statistics Estonia.

In order to access the confidential data needed for research, the Pulse VPN application must first be installed and a connection to the server has to be established by authenticating the user with the ID-card. Then, a Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) must be opened and used to log into the research work environment. Detailed instructions on the new authentication method can be found here. The process for requesting data will not change.

In case of questions or problems, please contact Statistics Estonia’s customer support at stat [at] (stat[at]stat[dot]ee)  or by phone at +372 625 9300. Information on how to request data for research is available here.

Foreign researchers can log into the environment using their e-resident’s digital ID. To obtain e-residency, an application must be submitted to the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board. It takes up to 30 days to process an application and 2–5 weeks until the digital ID is ready to be collected. More information on applying for e-residency is available here.