Partner Day focuses on regional development

news release no 7

Today, on 12 January Statistics Estonia organises the Partner Day “How to Measure Regional Development” addressed to local governments and other persons interested in regional development.

Various rankings of local governments will be introduced and principles of compiling them will be explained. “The aim of Statistics Estonia is not to estimate whether one local government unit is better or worse than the other,” Principal Analyst Mihkel Servinski remarked. “The main purpose is to provide the local government units and other planners of the regional development with the material to contemplate over the merits and drawbacks of local government units in order to draft the best development strategy,” he added.

Mr Servinski said that the places of single local government units in different rankings may differ significantly, but if to divide Estonia into zones by different indices, in many cases the result can be quite similar.

Population indicators are very important factors as far as regional development is concerned. The most detailed information about the population is provided by Population Censuses. The next Population and Housing Census will be conducted in 2011. Local governments are playing an important role in the successful organisation of the Census. However, the co-operation of Statistics Estonia and local governments in conducting the Census is not discussed in the Partner Day. Today’s topic is to introduce opportunities received through data collected during the Census which help to plan the regional development of Estonia. In addition local government authorities will be given an overview about the conduct of the 2011 Population Census and about electronic census or e-census that is being carried out now in the course of the Census (see also

The Partner Day will take place in the Training Centre of the Ministry of Finance (1 Suur-Ameerika Str, Tallinn; entrance from Väike-Ameerika Street). The beginning is at 11.00 a.m. and the conclusion of the day at 15.20 p.m.

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