The grain harvest was smaller than a year ago

news release no 12

According to the preliminary data of Statistics Estonia, the cereal production was 670,000 tons in 2010, which was 23% less than in the previous year.

Of the total cereal production, 25,100 tons of rye, 324,400 tons of wheat and 252,500 tons of barley were produced. Compared to the previous year, the production of rye, wheat and barley decreased. The sown are of cereals comprised 275,100 hectares, the average yield per hectare was 2,435 kilograms of cereals, of which 1,993 kilograms of rye, 2,712 kilograms of wheat and 2,413 kilograms of barley.

The yield of rape and turnip rape seed was 129,600 tons, which was 5% less than in 2009. In 2010, rape and turnip rape were sown on 98,000 hectares. The average yield was 1,322 kilograms of rape and turnip rape seed per hectare.

The production of potatoes amounted to 153,700 tons, which was 10% more compared to the year earlier. In 2010, potatoes were sown on 9,100 hectares. The average yield of potatoes was 16,966 kilograms per hectare.

In autumn of 2010, 60,500 hectares of winter wheat, 11,900 hectares of rye and 6,900 hectares of triticale were sown for harvesting in 2011.

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More detailed data have been published in the Statistical Database (sown area, production and average yield of field crops, autumn sowings of winter crops by county).