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Today is the last day to apply for enumerator’s post

3 November 2011   PDF   DOC

Thursday, 3 November is the last day one can apply for the enumerator’s post at the Population and Housing Census starting at the end of the year. For conducting the Population Census, Statistics Estonia recruits 2,000 enumerators as total.

“The applications for the enumerator’s post can be submitted also today. Who has not been able to apply yet, today is the last opportunity for it. There are still a number of places in Estonia where there are no applicants,” said Ms Palmi Lindjärv, Human Resources Manager of the 2011 Population and Housing Census. “The enumerator’s post provides an opportunity to make one’s contribution to the most important survey of the decade, the results of which guide the life in Estonia during the next ten years. Thus the enumerator’s post is surely worth applying for.”

One can apply for the enumerator’s post until the evening of 3 November and the work begins on 6 February with a thorough training programme. Enumerators start interviewing people all over Estonia on 16 February next year and the work lasts until the end of March. The working hours of enumerators are from 9 00–21.00 depending on the agreement between the enumerator and person to be interviewed. Enumerator’s monthly gross wages and salaries are 600–800 euros.

The enumerator should have good communication skills, be computer-literate, have knowledge of the Estonian language and depending on the enumeration area also knowledge of the Russian and English languages, be at least 18 years of age and have at least basic education. Additional information on job offers can be found: http://www.stat.ee/population-census.

In Estonia, the Population and Housing Census will be carried out from 31 December this year until 31 March next year. During the first month (31.12.2011 – 31.01.2012) the electronic Population Census or e-Census will take place, where the permanent residents of Estonia can fill out questionnaires on the Internet. Those who do not participate in the e-Census will be visited by enumerators in the period from 16 February until 31 March.

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