Everyone counts!

Statistics Estonia launched the census publicity campaign called “Everyone counts!”

1 December 2011   PDF   DOC

Today, on 1 December, Statistics Estonia launched a publicity campaign to raise awareness among the Estonian population of the 2011 Population and Housing Census (PHC 2011), set to begin on 31 December. The people of Estonia will be given information about participation in the census through television and radio as well as through out-of-home advertising and direct mail.

“The slogan of the census, which starts on the last day of 2011, is “Everyone counts!”. It captures the deeper significance of the census – the participation of every single inhabitant of Estonia is absolutely crucial, in order to provide the best data for organising life in Estonia in the next ten years,” said Mr Priit Potisepp, Director General of Statistics Estonia.

The publicity campaign will refer to the 130-year history of censuses in Estonia and will ask the question how many people live in Estonia today. “It is an important issue for Estonia as it affects our choices and possibilities in the future,” added Potisepp. “It is only due to the ten previous censuses that we know how many people have lived in Estonia in the last 130 years,” he added.

The PHC 2011 publicity campaign will be carried out in three stages. In the first stage, ways of participating in the Census, which starts on 31 December, will be introduced. “To make participation as convenient as possible, people can for the first time choose how they want to complete the questionnaires — respondents can fill in the questionnaires online before the end of January or, alternatively, wait for an enumerator to visit them between 16 February and 31 March,” explained Potisepp. In January (stage two), the focus will be on participation in the e-census. In February and March (stage three), the campaign will focus on enumerator visits.

The publicity campaign will take place from early December until the end of March and will make use of TV, radio, print, outdoor and Internet advertising. Also, a detailed information leaflet in three languages will be delivered to the mailboxes of all known dwellings in the second half of December.

The publicity campaign was developed by the advertising agency Creatum OÜ and the media agency Inspired Communications OÜ, as they won the respective public procurements. 

You can now watch the first TV-advertisement (in Estonian and Russian) of the campaign, and view the first billboard (attached).

In Estonia, the Census will be carried out from 31 December this year until 31 March next year. The electronic Population and Housing Census or e-census, where the permanent residents of Estonia can fill out questionnaires on the Internet, will take place during the first month (31.12.2011–31.01.2012). Those who do not participate in the e-census will be visited by enumerators in the period 16.02–31.03.2012

In 2011, the Population Census will be conducted for the eleventh time in the territory of Estonia. Previous censuses were carried out in 1881, 1897, 1922, 1934, 1941, 1959, 1970, 1979, 1989 and 2000.

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