The decrease in population number was influenced by emigration

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According to Statistics Estonia, 1,286,000 persons lived in Estonia on 1 January 2013. Due to migration the population declined by more than 6,600 persons, due to the natural increase by 1,400 persons

The revised population number as of 1 January 2013 was 1,286,479, which is by 8,007 persons smaller than a year earlier. The natural increase was negative in 2012 -1,378: 14,056 persons were born and 15,434 persons died. The net migration was also negative, 6,629 more persons emigrated than immigrated. There were 4,244 immigrants and 10,873 emigrants, which is 4,659 persons more than a year earlier.

By counties the population number increased only in Harju county (by 2,626 persons), the population number decreased the most in Ida-Viru county (-2,891 persons). Proportionally the loss of the population was the biggest in Jõgeva and Valga counties. The natural increase was positive in Harju county and in two bigger cities: in Tallinn and Tartu. Immigration exceeded emigration only in Tallinn. In Harju county, excluded Tallinn, the net migration was negative. Registration of immigration to Tallinn increased significantly in December 2012. This can be explained by enabling free public transport for residents of Tallinn. Together with the natural increase the number of residents of Tallinn increased by 2,160 persons during 2012.

The estimated population number is based on the final population number of the 2011 Population and Housing Census (published on 12.12.2012, according to which there were 1,294,455 permanent residents in Estonia), which have been supplemented with the data on registered births, deaths and migration as of 31.12.2011 and during 2012.

Together with the population number as of 1 January 2013 we published the new data also for 1 January 2012. While comparing the new population numbers with the population numbers of the previous years it must be taken into account that the indicators have been calculated using different data sources (2000 and 2011 Population Census), which is the reason for the drastic decline in the population number. Similarly to many other European Union Member States, Statistics Estonia has started to adjust the population number during the years between the two censuses, in the course of which the undercoverage of the 2011 as well as of the 2000 Population Censuses will be eliminated (i.e. the people who for some reason have been not enumerated will be taken into account as well). The revised population figures between the population censuses for the years 2000–2013 will be published by Statistics Estonia during the 1st quarter of 2014.

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More detailed data have been published in the Statistical Database.