A publication on census results was released

news release no 136

Today, on 3 December, Statistics Estonia presents the publication “Eesti rahvastik. Hinnatud ja loendatud” (“Population of Estonia. Estimated and enumerated”), which summarises the results of the last population census and provides comparisons with other countries of the European Union.

As an introduction to the book, the author of the publication, Ene-Margit Tiit, says the following: “The aim of the book is to give a picture of the Estonian population at the census moment at the end of 2011, but also to show the development of the population in time and space – to examine the development of the population of Estonia as much as is possible by looking at the past and the future, but also to determine Estonia’s place among the countries and nations of Europe.” In addition to Statistics Estonia’s data, both the data of Eurostat and the UN are presented. Assessments have also been added where necessary, especially in the case of historical data on Estonia.

Essentially, the book can be divided into three. The first part talks about estimating and enumerating the population. First, the focus is on the population of the Earth and estimating its growth. Then, the changes in the population of Estonia are presented from the first historical estimations until the present day; and the main factors that influence the population – natural increase and emigration – are also discussed.

The second part of the book is the longest. It provides a short analysis of all the results of the 2011 population census on the level of Estonia. For most of the characteristics, comparisons are made with the corresponding or similar data of other European countries.

The third part returns to estimates. It appears that even after the population has been enumerated there remains the need to make estimates. Thus, the most mathematical section of the book talks about revising the population number, including correcting the inaccuracies of the past, but also about predicting or projecting the population number. A short description of the preparations for the 2020 population census is also given.

The presentation of the publication “Eesti rahvastik. Hinnatud ja loendatud” takes place today, on 3 December, at 14:00, in the Apollo bookshop in the Solaris Centre (Tallinn, Estonia puiestee 9).

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